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Constania resources, inc. Was formed in 1988—then, as now, we were a company committed to partnerships with our customers. Over more than two decades, supreme has created successful value chain solutions, forging partnerships with customers based on dependability, respect, and extraordinary service. Because constania takes service one step further. We think beyond the obvious, inventing new ways to make the supply chain process easier, eliminate potential problems, and ensure that you get exactly what you need when you need it.

Whether that means importing the chemicals your company needs from abroad or working with our chemists to develop and manufacture a new solution, constania knows that in relationships as well as science, chemistry matters.

Supply Chain:

Whether you require a complete bill-of-materials procurement solution, a sourcing to delivery solution, or simply someone to ensure that material you’ve purchased from a supplier of your choice appears at your facility on time, our adaptive supply chain gives you peace of mind.

Sales Force:

Sell your existing products to new customers and geographies by leveraging an experienced sales force - one that has the background to convey the value of your product and the relationships to command an audience with target customers


Introduce new products to market by allowing us to help you solve critical technical roadblocks and industry specific tweaks to your base technology.


Use our specialty adhesives, resins and cement for your application. Our laboratory is standing by to customize our solutions to fit your requirements.