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Canali FMCG is involved in trading (wholesale and retail) merchandising and redistribution of products using our vast network, in Asia, Middle East & Africa.

We are strategically located in all major commercial cities, Urban & rural areas and towns to help our business partners achieve even distribution of products to deliver quality services to our clients.

Improving the quality of social and community life is an integral part of our corporate mission. We are actively involved in improving the larger society in which we operate. We are supporting the community by promoting cultural activities and supporting peaceful and safe co-existence, as well as strengthen national unity and community bond.

Mission Statement:

  • To become the most efficient in distribution business
  • To complement our services in the tobacco sector by providing a portfolio of high quality FMCG products to our customers.
  • To offer a complete service to our principal suppliers, ensuring we can for them engage wholesale, retail and the final consumer throughout the country Branch Network.


  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Customer focus
  • Ethical Corporate Responsibility

Our Services

We are engaged in marketing and sales of a variety of locally manufactured and imported Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs).

Our superb and strategic network of distribution outlets enables excellent smooth sales activities in markets that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Our Offerings

Partnership with us affords our clients of the following:

  • Freedom from the task of managing time consuming and capital intensive distribution to ensure your products are available to your target audience across the country
  • Our staff are trained and experienced to safely and efficiently handle your products
  • Excellent customer service