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Comerica Constructions LLC

The transformation of the region has afforded the GCC construction industry the largest and most complex projects in the world. Whilst the market has seen the entry of established foreign companies, it has also given rise to local experts - key players with a direct and intimate knowledge of the market, people and culture. The unthinkable a few decades ago is today’s reality - homegrown Middle Eastern construction companies not only rival global players but are recognized as established world-class quality leaders.

Comerica is proud to have delivered its part in creating the GCC cities of today, creating relationships and bonds with partners, clients and suppliers that endure as surely as the buildings themselves.

We have come this far by living each day by our core values of integrity, professionalism and dedication. We put our clients' needs first. Our clients are our partners. Our safe hands hold the history of three decades of development for our many repeat customers - governments and citizens alike.

Comerica Constructions- Core Values

Relentless advances in technology have reshaped the world of construction. As a learning organization, Comerica stays attuned to evolutionary technology trends; we understand that times change and methods evolve, but our values remain uncompromisingly instilled at the heart of our organization.


Integrity is central to what we do; our stakeholders' trust is the asset we treasure above all others. Over the last 37 years, we have imbued this value into every aspect of our business; it is the ultimate guarantor of our reputation. Our understanding of integrity is holistic: we are responsible for achieving what we promise to do and we strive to exceed expectations. Integrity ensures the quality of our work, processes, procedures and our staff, as well as the ethical standards of our organization. Integrity goes hand in hand with honesty, and it is our transparent approach to our partners that help ensure their continued business.

Professionalism :

With integrity comes professionalism. We exercise professionalism in our operations, our interactions with our partners, our policies, our procedures and in our staff. Our attitude is one that strives for continual improvement. We are better today than we were yesterday. We evolve.

Dedication :

Dedication is a value which permeates every aspect of our business, from the highest levels of management down. We do not consider a project to be simply a project; we consider it to be an opportunity to demonstrate our dedication to achieving our partners' goals and ambitions in a manner that exceeds expectation. This ethos runs throughout our company. We strive to play a part in our client’s success. We safeguard our partners' success by going the extra mile, putting in the time and effort required to meet deadlines on time and on budget for our partners.