Image Placeholder Allianz International Holdings Ltd. is a holding company & investment house with a significant presence Middle East, Africa, Asia & North America. The enterprise house has undergone rapid expansion 27 countries across the globe. Extraordinary vision, an outstanding business strategy and a deep understanding of all the region's corporate ethos have contributed to this exceptional growth. Aside from tapping opportunities in new and existing companies and industries, Allianz International Holdings partners with entrepreneurs with innovative ideas, proven track record, and ability to demonstrate sustainable growth. Future oriented, fast-growing and competitively positioned, Allianz International Holdings is counted among one of the most reputed holding company across the globe.

At the Forefront of Emerging Trends

Allianz International Holdings is primarily focused on generating extraordinary returns across a range of investment choices.

With a strong understanding of the local culture, and rapidly developing business environment, Allianz International Holdings operations extend across a wide range of industry sectors such as Telecommunications, Oil & Gas Exploration and Trading, Roads & Highways Designing and Development, Construction & Development, Manufacturing, Retail Distribution, Commodities Trading, Financial Solutions, Exchange Houses, Micro Finance, Merger & Hedging, Food & Hospitality, Aviation, healthcare services, Trust & Charity.

The company's diverse service offerings and progressive strategies have placed it among the highly trusted and eminent organizations in the region. Consistently seeking a broader view of potential investment opportunities, Allianz International Holdings portfolio of companies is growing by the day. Active partnership with key industry players keeps it at the forefront of emerging trends that power progress.